About us

The Company was incorporated on 14th March, 1930 and has been carrying on the business of rubber and tea plantations in the State of Kerala and Karnataka.

rubberThe Company is basically a plantation company with 3 Rubber Estates in Kerala admeasuring 5225 acres. The Company had also purchased one Tea Estate admeasuring Idukki District, Kerala. This estate is being fully uprooted in a phased manner and being replanted with high yield varieties. The factory is also being upgraded and modernized extensively.

Besides the traditional plantation business, the company had diversified activities such as Fire Engineering Division at Bombay and a Aqua Culture Farm in Goa on an approximately 106 acres for cultivation of tiger prawns, shrimps, etc. The Company had also started a 100% EOU Rubber Wood Processing factory near one of its estates viz. Kinalur Estate for converting the rubber wood into hard and strong wood by chemical treatment with foreign knowhow.

Pursuant to a Scheme of Arrangement between the Company and Joonktollee Tea & Industries Ltd. sanctioned by the Hon'ble High Court at Calcutta on 3rd December, 2012. The Cochin Plantation Division (comprising of Chemoni, Pudukad, Eichipara Rubber Estates & Pullikanam Tea Estate) has demerged from the Company and merged with Joonktollee Tea & Industries Ltd. w.e.f. 01.04.2011.

The Company ceased to be a subsidiary of Joonktollee Tea & Industries Ltd. w.e.f. 07.10.2013.

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